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Sports Bras

Any type of physical activity requires a sports bra…from walking the dog to zumba class to yoga to running and tennis. Breast tissue, once stretched, does not return to its original state. The Cooper’s ligament is the conncetive tissue in the breast which helps it to maintain its shape. Whether you are an A cup […]


Chantelle Passionata Delight

Passionata Delight

“Delight” is our latest offering from Passionata…the sister company of Chantelle. Passionata is designed for a younger body shape. Delight’s size range is from 30 to 38 in band and A to E in cup. Colours include nude, ivory and dusky mauve. Key features include delectible fabric and helenic styling and a multi position strap.


Cover-ups have come a long way. We carry the traditional white terry cover with a zip front to this incredible cover-up which could easily double as a dress. Make shopping for a swimsuit fun again, add a wonderful accessory to that fabulous suit..


Anita Prosthetic Swimwear


See our selection in all stores!  We carry several lines and many more sizes. We now have cup sized bathingsuits so make sure you try some swimwear on while you are also getting fit for a bra.

Matching Panties

Matching panty

At My Top Drawer we have a large selection of panties to match the bra you love. European women historically purchase 2 to 3 matching panties to each bra. They understand the importance of dressing from the inside out. Lets learn something from our European counterparts. And YES, we are worth it!! Try it once […]

Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky, the most comfortable thong ever!!! Available in many fun colours. one size and plus size. Something for everyone and it also happens to be one of Oprah’s favourite things. With an extremely wide range of colours, you can easily match Hanky Panky to any of your wild coloured bras. Hanky Panky is the […]

Hanky Panky

Prima Donna

Prima Donna

We carry many styles of Prima Donna bras. European made with the best material and finest lace. The “Deauville” fits up to an I cup with super support and pretty lace. Each season, a new colour is offered to brighten your lingerie wardrobe. This season it is available in nude, black, cherry punch and crocus. […]