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Virtual Fittings

Virtual Fittings are here!

Our team of qualified fitters are ready to hook you up with your perfect fit bra in the comfort and safety of your own home. Pandemics call for action! We are committed to serving our customers the only way we know, with excellent customer service more safely and securely. Follow a few simple steps to enjoy your virtual fitting and get answers to any other questions you may have, just like in the fitting room!

Just 6 easy steps to get your fitting!

  1. Complete our online form with as much detail as you can provide. (More information means a better fit)
  2. We will contact you by email or phone to set up an appointment for your fitting. 
  3. Join the meeting at the time of your appointment. If joining a Zoom meeting, please ensure you have a strong internet connection, a camera, a microphone plus a soft tape measure at hand, or a piece of string and a firm tape measure.
  4. We will suggest styles that we feel will suit your body and needs. We will email a detailed list of bras to you.
  5. Visit My Top Drawer and select the styles you wish to order.
  6. Once your order arrives, try on the bras and see which will work for you. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact our customer service for all the help you need. 
Size Calculation

Bra measurements aren’t a perfect science. We always recommend having this done by a bra fitting professional in store. But measuring yourself can give you a good idea of your size. Use our calculator to find your size.


  • Make sure you are standing straight
  • Adjust your bra strap firmly on your shoulder


  • Make sure you are measuring parallel to the ground

Measure straight across the
nipple or fullest part of the bust


Measure around the rib
cage, just below the bust


Please contact us for your sizing

Calculate again