Cleanser Fabric Buffer FO2310

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About this Product

Bothered by stubborn deodorant marks? Buff them away. Look fresh all day long with Forever News Quick-Fix Clothing Sponge. Quickly and easily remove deodorant smudges from clothing, powder marks from necklines, as well as chalk, dust, and more with this effective dual-sided sponge. Keep one on you at all times! You never know when to or where- you'll need a touch-up!  

Fashion's Care's fabric Buffer has two textures for different dilemmas. 

Use the grey side to loosen lint, hair or crumbs. The softer pink side buffs away deodorant, dandruff and powder. 

Ideal to keep in your purse, at the office, and in your car, for a refreshing "quick fix" any time.  

  • Oval fabric Buffer 
  • Removes lint and deodorant 
  • Perfect in your purse 
  • Pink 
  • One size
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