I felt that cringe. One of the least favourite items a woman shops for is the bathing suit. We put it off until the last minute, we walk into the store with our heads down. Most of us will wear an old ill-fitting suit longer than we should simply because of the dread of bathing suit shopping. Ladies, it’s time to turn that frown upside down. I’ve got great news for you. The swimwear of today is nothing like its former self. Transformations have occurred and the new swim shopping experience is a testament to that.

Choices available have blossomed, the technical fabrics used are incredible and the designers have stepped up their game. So shave your legs ladies, wear your French cut panty and bring along your sandals because You have got a great selection of suits to try on here at My Top Drawer.

Shan one piece with cover up

Shan cut-out one piece

Statistics tell us that the average woman a will try on 10 (yes 10) bathing suits before finding the one that brings her joy. Clearly…shopping for your swimwear is not something to attempt via the Internet. Your bathing suit is that little bit of fabric that separates you from the rest of the world. No turtlenecks or baggy tops to hide behind. Nope. It’s skin, then spandex/lycra, and then…the world. THIS is why so many dislike the idea so much. We feel quite exposed in our swimwear. It’s a real ‘thing’ but we are going to help you with that ladies.

Our buyers take into consideration all these worries and search to find swimsuits to answer the concerns that many women have when it comes to how they look and feel in a swimsuit. Today’s offerings are fabulous. Each season there are colours that can put a smile on anyone’s face, from bold to subtle, from solids to sparkles and embellishments. Suits with plenty of molding in the bust to those with absolutely no foam, to underwires for support in a terrific size range I might add. Now let’s talk about the torso of suits today. So many women appreciate the magic of ruching which helps to mask our perceived bumps and rolls. This helps so much with our confidence while wearing our swimsuit. Some manufacturers specialize in fabrics that are so firm and smoothing, the results are much like wearing a true shaping garment, the effects are that incredible. High neck swim is perfect for women whose décolleté has a tendency to burn, and skirted suits help a woman who isn’t fond of her upper thighs to feel confident and happy. Yeah! So many of our issues have been resolved.

Now, the bikini. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are here to stay. Again, there are so many choices today. Are the cups molded or more form-fitting? Do you prefer a little triangle top which can be adjusted to changes in breast size or are you looking for a push-up style…like some bra offerings? Is it halter style, or a bandeau so that you don’t have tan lines?  Is it teeny or is it a bra sized top that gives incredible support and coverage? Yes, our bra manufacturers have been producing bathing suits with the same molds and technologies that go into their supportive bras. This allows a full busted woman to feel the same lift and security as their bra…while wearing their bikini top. Amazing.

And the bottoms. Wow, talk about options. From the tiny tied bottom to the full and high waisted bottom, we girls now have plenty of options. Often women will choose two different styles of bottoms to pair with their bikini top for different occasions or to change the look of their outfit. As women we know pockets are hard to come by. We have swim bottoms to keep your valuables (rings, keys, cards) safe. This season we have even brought back the thong. We had to search high and low for it and discovered it while at the Montreal Curve fashion exhibition. 

brown tankini by miraclesuit

MiracleSuit Ocicat Dazzle Tankini Top

The tankini…now that’s a new sensation. It really is a solution for so many issues. If you have a very long torso, this is a life saver. If you have a smaller top and larger bottom or vice versa the tankini allows you to personalize your fit. If you are someone who hates pulling off a wet bathing suit to use the washroom…voila, now you just have to pull off your bottoms. THIS is the answer to your swimwear prayers. Again, this suit can be flashy or plain. The tops can have underwires, some are form fitting while others are blouson.

Girls you can see that our options have increased exponentially in the bathing suit category. A one piece with cut-outs and mesh inserts …how about a zipper? Sure, we can do that! Long sleeves to protect your arms from the sun while paddle boarding? Okay we can do that too. Fabrics with UPF 50 plus because you have concerns about sun exposure…how about a rash guard to put over your suit? Or choose from one or two of our hundreds of fashionable cover-ups  that are perfect for walking to the beach bar or to throw over your suit when the wind picks up.

For those of you that do competitive swimming, a lot of recreational swimming, or just want a suit that won’t be as easily ravaged by chlorine we have chlorine resistant swimwear. These suits will hold up longer against the effects of chlorine (with proper care) than your average suit.

mastectomy one piece swimsuit

Amoena Reflection Mastectomy Swim

We know that there are ladies who have, or are currently, battling breast cancer. We understand that your needs are slightly different. We have specific suits to address your needs, including pocketed suits and those with higher neck lines to support the weight of prosthetics. We have prosthetics specifically designed for wear in the water.

Come in for some advice…some friendly and honest advice. We have a terrific selection of suits from sizes 4-26. Please know that we keep all of our clients in mind when we are buying so there really is something for everyone. Even competitive swimmers can find their chlorine resistant suits with us.    

One last thing. Don’t leave this shopping to the last minute. If your flight leaves on Saturday…give yourself a buffer of week or two. Don’t procrastinate. Come on in. You’ll be surprised at the choices available and can imagine that you might have to take two because you simply can’t make a decision. I don’t want to sound like your mother…but don’t forget to rinse that suit after every wearing and use the chlorine wash available at the store. It will prolong the life of you suit tremendously. It takes such an effort to find the swimsuit that you adore so take good care of it. Bon Voyage!