Professional Fittings

Can you relate to any of these experiences?

  • Your mother (or other health/fashion mentor) didn’t know the secrets of brassiere-ology, and didn’t explain that wearing a bra not only kept your breasts “contained” during phys-ed class, but also helped with your posture, neck and back pain, and overall self-esteem
  • You never understood why the straps of your bra continued to slide off your shoulders and aggravate you all day
  • You never knew why that pesky underwire felt so uncomfortable, and you couldn't wait to get home and take off your bra
  • You couldn’t figure out why you had a “double bubble” spilling over the top of your bra, making your clothes fit poorly, and giving you a strange profile
  • You wondered why your breasts would slide out from under your bra, forcing you to constantly adjust and pull at it all day
  • You couldn’t find a bra that gave you that great lift and terrific profile for which you’d hoped
  • You struggled with “side-boob” and how to camouflage it
  • Your T-shirt bras always seemed to leave a terrible outline in your snug tops
  • You couldn't seem to fill out the cups of your bra properly

If you can relate, you’re not alone—and we can help.

We’ve helped women of all shapes and sizes with all sorts of fitting issues, so don’t put off a professional fitting any longer. Every day you walk around in an ill-fitting bra, you're denying yourself the feeling of confidence a professionally fit bra can provide. Our team of professional fitters look forward to finding your perfect fit, while providing you with exemplary customer service.

Let us change your relationship with your bra.

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