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Amoena Balance Natura Delta Breast Form 220

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About this Product

Whether you are naturally uneven, had a lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery and need a little help filling the cup the Amoena partial shapers provide instant shape and a flawless silhouette.  These shapers can be worn directly against your skin or in an Amoena pocketed bra. Super soft silicone and Comfort+, Amoena’s patented temperature equalizing material, keeping you cool and comfortable.

  • Rounded triangle (2SN) shape, redesigned to fit closer to you body.
  • Comfort & temperature equalizing technology absorbs, stores and releases body heat to maintain an optimal temperature against your skin.
  • Medium thickness fills your bra to give a flawless silhouette.
  • Symmetrical, triangular shell for use following a lumpectomy or breast reduction
  • The partial shaper can be rotated to fill in where needed the most.

PU-Film, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material

Size Calculation

Bra measurements aren’t a perfect science. We always recommend having this done by a bra fitting professional in store. But measuring yourself can give you a good idea of your size. Use our calculator to find your size.


  • Make sure you are standing straight
  • Adjust your bra strap firmly on your shoulder


  • Make sure you are measuring parallel to the ground

Measure straight across the
nipple or fullest part of the bust


Measure around the rib
cage, just below the bust


Please contact us for your sizing

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