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Brobe Recovery Robe RB001 Berry

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About this Product

The perfect recovery robe, made with love and care in every feature of this beautiful garment. Starting with the fabulous soft, comfortable fabric and the beauty of the colours ensuring you feel pampered and pretty. Then we get to the function of this beauty, starting at the front closure, two simple buttons secure the front, next a drawstring tie allows for a custom fit.  Inside are a couple of pockets on each side attached to the waistband on the front sides to secretly store your drains,  sewn to the inside shoulder is a strap with a snap to allow for the bra to be detached.  Included with your robe comes a bra made of the same ultra-soft fabric and has a front Velcro closure for ease of use.  The bra has slots inside to allow for ice packs to be inserted to aid with your recovery. The comfort and security of the bra will keep you safe from loose fabric rubbing against your skin.  The Brobe was designed specifically for woman going through mastectomy, breast reconstruction or augmentation, but it’s useful for those recovering from organ transplants, open heart surgery and tummy tucks too.

Includes a detachable recovery bra which is supportive but soft

  • Pockets to hold ice packs or prosthetic
  • Front closure Velcro
  • Super soft fabric
  • Wireless bra


  • Simple button and tie strings for ease of closure
  • Pockets on outside
  • Two pockets on the inside of each front, discreetly hold your drains
  • Three quarter sleeves for easy IV access
  • Soft and stylish could be worn with leggings

Dignity, hope and beauty on your journey through this very tough time.

Size Calculation

Bra measurements aren’t a perfect science. We always recommend having this done by a bra fitting professional in store. But measuring yourself can give you a good idea of your size. Use our calculator to find your size.


  • Make sure you are standing straight
  • Adjust your bra strap firmly on your shoulder


  • Make sure you are measuring parallel to the ground

Measure straight across the
nipple or fullest part of the bust


Measure around the rib
cage, just below the bust


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